My 360º video connects viewers to dream-like environments and suspends reality as the traveler journeys through visions at the intersection of technology and art.

360º Video

photo credit @myfriendscallmelucy

360º Video Performance

Data from virtual dance installation at The New School

Video Completion



360º video brings immersive experiences outside of the performance stage and into smartphones and computer displays for audiences accessible across the world.


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2013 - 2017

The Temple Owl Grad

BFA in Music Composition

I became familiar with the DIY scene in Philadelphia. I spent a lot of my free time collaborating with dancers and visual artists as well as booking shows in New York and across the United States. 


I'm based in New York City and could never have enough coffee. Use any of these contact methods to reach me to tell me about your wildest dreams.

Tel: +1 717.756.5808

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