"Seeing" Muyu Yuan-Ruba

Muyu is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher at L&M Dance Studios in Philadelphia, PA. Her Masters thesis at the Boyer College of Music and Dance developed into a multimedia piece with live music and dance.

This extract from the piece was performed by Muyu Yuan Ruba in fixed video and accompanied by theremini and Daniel Ian Raymond Smith on the Moog SubPhatty processing the theremin's sound. 

"PDX - NRT" Dominique See

Dominique is a Seattle based dancer, choreographer, and pilates instructor. Her work explores her mixed identity as a Japanese American. Together we formed the duo collective Wabi-Sabi to serve as the foundation of our aesthetic approach towards our work. 

Wabi Sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete."

"Wi ing Wi ing" Long Chen

Long Chen is a Chinese based dancer and choreographer. Her work Wi ing Wi ing was the second collaboration we worked on during her time as a graduate student at the Boyer College of Music and Dance.

Her work explores the relationship of found objects and technology. I accompanied the dance with live processing of found objects and the quenacho, a Peruvian double flute. Arick Unger accompanied us on drums / percussion.

"I've Never Been and I Don't Know the Name" Cody Bluett

Cody Bluett is a visual fine artist and sound artist focusing on landscape and abstraction as well as pen and ink illustration. He received his BFA in Painting from the Tyler School of Art in 2015 and his PA Teacher's Certification for Art K-12 in 2016. He currently teaches full time at Liguori Academy in Philadelphia, PA.

His work primarily focuses on landscape and the dialect between natural or man-made, using specific materials to explore ideas of beauty and serenity, but also toxicity and waste. Both the image and the material come together to form a subtle sublimity that aims at the social and political viewpoints people have on their environments. Whilst creating conversations about the everyday life through concepts of the sublime, voyeurism, technology, and nature, my goal is to provide a lasting visual and aural experience for the viewer.

This piece was inspired by three paintings from Cody Bluett's series I've Never Been and I Don't Know the Name. This was premiered on November 12th 2015 by SoHyunn Moon at Hanna Salmon's SIX Concert in Temple University.