Carlos Johns-Dávila

(b. 1995) is a Peruvian-American composer, electro-acoustic musician and immersive media maker. Inspired by the writings of Antonin Artaud and Wallace Stevens as well as the cinematic illusionary in films by Georges Méliès he creates 360º videos to combine dream-like hallucinations and play with reality.

He studied classical piano at the age of 6 and began theory and composition lessons soon after. He enrolled himself at Interlochen Arts Academy to study composition alongside gifted musicians, artists, dancers, and filmmakers. His work invites collaboration bringing an added dimension to the performance.


He continued his music studies at Temple University where he completed his Bachelors in Music Composition with Dr. Alexander deVaron and Dr. Matthew Greenbaum. He spent his time working in the Philadelphia DIY art scene to produce and direct a number of concerts, exhibitions, and installations in the city, continuing to foster collaborations between artists such as Sarah Celona, Muyu Yuan Ruba, and Cody Bluett to jointly create original works. He co-founded "Pitch, Please", an LGBT+ advocacy A Cappella ensemble and served as president to ConTemplum, Temple University's composer collective. His studies also introduced him to electronic music where he became a musician, equipment manager, and alumni of the Boyer ElectroAcoustic Ensemble Project (BEEP). In addition to computer music he adopted the Moog Theremini as his main instrument to cue visuals and sound by gesture.


Upon graduating Temple he moved to New York to pursue a Master's degree in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship from The New School - College of Performing Arts. His program allowed him to shape the learning outcomes of his studies and become an industry leader with his artistic craft.


He immersed himself with 360º video after buying a Nikon 360 action camera and began to shoot contemporary dance which he would score. This led him towards building his capstone project with Navarra Novy-Williams around the idea of bringing the joy of dance to anyone with a smartphone device to watch immersive media: an avenue of accessibility is open to the public which allows art organizations to reach greater audiences as these technologies develop and become more user friendly.


He continues his collaborations with choreographer, Navarra Novy-Williams, and filmmaker, Isadora Vieira Dias, in sound and 360º video. He currently is employed by Kevin Cunningham at 3 Legged Dog in administration. ​

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"I thought I was going to get a tea and next thing I know I'm watching VR!"

-anonymous viewer outside the O'Cafe

"This experience truly opened my eyes to work in collaboration with a different medium, artists between humans and technology."

-Song Ravinan, dancer

"I felt as thought I was in a dream, not sure of my reality of where I once was because of the similarity in the virtual world."

-Hall Hunsinger, Stage Coach


-almost everyone that tries on a VR headset